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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


"I'm a professional - something you know nothing about."

"Sorry, I forgot the level of intelligence I'm dealing with."

"Look, I can prioritize whats priority, but that just means I'm gonna take a nap now."

"There are days I would hope you end up as a statistic. Yeah, this is one of those days."

"God tests us in many ways. In my case he surrounds me with idiots."

"Here's a radical idea - shutting the hell up for once."

"You just got off the 'short' bus, didn't you."

"Okay, I'll revise my work, only if you stop letting your mom dress you - deal."

"Oh, how cute. You're pretending to be important again."

"Here's my advice: Try forming the words in your head first, before letting your mouth have a shot."

"Damn. This idiot is talking to me again, and in its native language - ape."

"I can get started on the priority stuff now or wait till you shut your pie hole - your choice."

"'Fashion NO NO' , that's you!"

"You look nice today. See I can B.S. just like you."

"Oh, look who's here, time for me to pretend I'm deaf."

"Hold on, I'll need a few minutes to figure out your gibberish."

"What an angelic face. You could've been throwing up a minute ago and I would have never known. Perhaps, thats how you got that figure of yours."

"Gee, that mouth of yours, sure does flap a lot."

"Here's a thought - oh wait. You have no clue what that is do you?"

"I'm too sexy for a lot of things, and that includes all of you."

"Hey, wear a dress next time. Maybe you won't be so angry about who you are."

"Ugly and stupid, thats a rare combination you managed to accomplish."

"You're still talking and me without a banana to give you - darn"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm just trying to figure out what type of monkey you are."

"You got the first part right. Now lets try the second part of sitting down and shutting up."

"You don't have to talk anymore. I'm convinced you never got past the 3rd grade."

"Please, don't try something stupid, like - thinking!"